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Rules of the Arena

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Rules of the Arena

Post by SuperJedi224 on 2013-05-30, 17:53

1. Text
No posting here with fewer than 75 words.
2. Backstory
PCs need backstories of at least 100 words, and the GM should provide a general backstory for the game of at least 150 words.
3. Posting
Once you've posted, do not post again on the same RP until the GM has updated.
4. Dice
If you have a game where dice are used regularly, it probably goes under the general Forum Games section rather than here.
5. Smilies
The use of smilies should be minimized on this board.
6. Numbers
If the gameplay revolves excessively around numbers, it probably goes under the general Forum Games section rather than here.
7. Godmodding
Just don't do it. No munchkining either. If that's the point of the game, the game belongs in Forum Games, NOT here. GMs, be sure to remove any offenders from your game.
Also, for your information, godmodding includes trying to control another player's character. Each player should have their own characters, or it doesn't belong here. Please let the other players control their own characters.
8. The Final Suggestion Clause
Administrators, Global Moderators, and Arena Lords have the last say when enforcing these rules.

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